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Automated Flight Following (AFF) is a system that automatically tracks the location and velocity of specially-equipped aircraft and other mobile assets, providing this information in near-real-time to dispatchers, aviation managers, and other authorized users. The equipment includes geolocation and data communications devices that use satellite-based technology.

AFF does not track resources without this specialized equipment.

Automated Flight Following

The AFF application provides a map-based view of the latest reported geographic location and other attributes of mobile resources.

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  • AFF 2.0

    Check out the QUICK START GUIDE for more details.

    There is a lot that has changed, and we know you may have questions. Here are some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about how to find some basics, why the change, and future additions.

    The next generation AFF lets you view your aviation assets in a 2D map environment. Find aircraft by callsign, tail number, or inside an elastic box. Create your own custom ramp list for frequently tracked aircraft. Center the view on an aircraft by selecting the aircraft in your search or ramp list. Go "Home" with the click of a button.

    The new AFF uses the latest in web technology, and will run in Windows, OS X and Linux. Version 2.0 also runs on Android, iOS, and Windows 8 powered mobile devices for those needing AFF on the go at remote Helibases and SEAT retardant plants.

    PLEASE NOTE: AFF 2.0 runs best in browsers that are less than 3 years old.
    If you are a Forest Service user with only IE 8 installed on your government computer, the FS CIO's office would like to help! Just contact Bradley G Smith and provide him with a list of user names and machine names (host names) where Chrome will be installed and he can grant you Technical Approval.

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    Provides a 3D view of the latest reported geographic location and other attributes of mobile resources in Google Earth®.

AFF Program Review

We are currently in the process of an AFF Program Review. As the user base for AFF continues to grow, requirements have become a driver in capturing the current state of AFF and identifying opportunities for improvements. The links below provide detailed information on this program review.

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