Automated Flight Following Information

The Project is currently in its first phase of implementation, the focus of which is refining operational requirements and increasing situational awareness in the aviation community through implementation of an initial system with limited aircraft and users.
What is Automated Flight Following?
Automated Flight Following (AFF) is a system that automatically tracks the location and velocity of specially-equipped aircraft (and other mobile assets), providing this information in near-real-time to dispatchers, aviation managers, and other authorized users.
AFF Objectives
  • Increased speed, greater accuracy and automated resource tracking for response to emergencies.
  • Reduce workload in aircraft and dispatch centers.
  • Reduce radio traffic and pilot "heads down time".
  • Provide migration path to enhanced situational awareness systems.
  • Provide real time strategic overview of aviation asset locations.
  • Provide real time tactical tools which aid aviation resource tracking.
AFF Benefits
Increased safety and reduced costs.